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bootcamp bootcamp bootcamp "Thanks for EVERYTHING Leah! I'm down another 3 pounds and am using your teachings and workouts everyday. :-) I think I'll sign up for some more Bootcamp. I loved it and it changed my body, attitude and life! Again..THANK YOU! You are a great leader and inspiration! :-)" - Jen C.
bootcamp "Thanks Leah for everything! you have helped me realize that losing wieght and eating healthy is possible and do-able! I have continued the meal plan and exercises. Its been 1 week since the last weigh- in and I have lost 5lbs and I'm feeling great. Im so close to meeting my target weight. Without you I don't think I would have been able to do it. THANK YOU!!!!! P.s. I will be signing back up for more bootcamp classes next month!" - Monika C. bootcamp bootcamp
The challenge definitely gave me the kick start I needed. It helped me in realizing that small changes in diet and exercise can work wonders on your body, mind and spirit. Leah was supportive and motivational throughout the challenge - reading her posts and emails as well as her willingness to be there when I had questions gave me continual guidance. I have incorporated many aspects of the challenge into my everyday life and continue to reap the benefits of all that I learned. Thanks Leah! - J. Ferguson bootcamp bootcamp bootcamp
bootcamp personal training Leah will kick your butt, and you will love it! I love feeling challenged by her, because she pushes but is supportive as well. She takes her work seriously, but also makes it fun. I looked forward to every class and was eager to push myself (which is not what I would say to a day at the gym). I lost 6 inches that I have been fighting with for almost a year now, and upped my overall strength. Thanks Leah! You're the only one who would make me make up at 6am in the morning for your class! :D ~Miroki Personal Training & bootcamp Studio
Personal training and bootcamp studio personal training and bootcamp studio I worked with Leah for about 8mos. I had been into weight training for about 3 years. Started off with the help of friends and further on hired a coach. I was no stranger to discipline and hard work, my motivation often waxed and waned and so did my discipline. Working with Leah changed all that, aside from being a great coach, I found Leah had a few great qualities that kept me on my toes and driving for much more then I ever imagined. Not only does Leah display impeccable job integrity, she has this intuition with her clients and the ability to pick up on things before they become problematic, therefore keeping me motivated and never bored.

It wasn't easy, she stuck with me through health issues that made it nearly impossible to attain my goals, she didn't quit on me but more importantly she never let me quit on myself. Through her perseverance (and believe me Leah gets things done lol) I sought help, got them under control, and reached my goals. She was extremely prompt in her replies, and often times went far and beyond the call of duty in what's expected form a nutritional and training coach. She was patient and flexible, which really showed me she was not a cookie cutter trainer and that she was committed to learning what worked for me. She was extremely proactive in her approach, she's invested in her clients 100%, I really felt that.

Not only was I successful in attaining my goals, once my medical issues got sorted out, but through Leah's help and encouragement I've been binge free for 2 years. That's worth it's weight in gold right there. I would not hesitate to hire Leah again, and I refer her every chance I get.


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Strength Powered Fitness

Leah specializes in building muscle, losing fat, working with women, bootcamps, core training, conditioning, shoulder rehab/prehab, low back pain rehab/prehab, nutrition and competition training.
Leah Wynne is a Certified Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist. With a background in martial arts and fitness competitions, Leah's training philosophy is well rounded, incorporating strength and conditioning for everyone from athletes seeking peak performance to moms looking to lose the baby weight.

Some bootcamp exercises you can look forward to when working with Leah are:

Dynamic warmups, squats, deadlifts, burpees,
pullups, pushups, lunges, cleans,
kettlebell swings, skipping, complexes, conditioning, running stairs,
mountain climbers, squat jumps, medicine ball throws, tire drags,
sandbag cleans, ladder drills, sprint drills

You will:

Work your ass off - look forward to training - sweat - have fun - get stronger - lose fat - get RESULTS!

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